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Quick Ship's Metal Shop

AccuPress & AccuShear

US Marine Corps Water Jet in Stainless Steel

Water Jet

Hammered Brass Sheet Powder Coated Brown

Powder Coating

Custom Engraved Copper

Custom Engraving

Custom Crafted Copper Box

Custom Metal Crafting

Custom Metal Work via Quick Ship's Metal Shop

QuickShipMetals.com is much more than an online metals source, we have a complete metal shop that provides us with the tools to build an array of useful products for homes, businesses, farms, schools, you name it. Recent examples shown, include the custom-welded tractor hood below.

Custom Metal Work Done at QuickShipMetals.com

Custom Welding by Quick SHip's Metal Shop - Dressler 15 Hood

Quick Ship's Capabilities Include...

• Expert Welding, including COPPER WELDING - done in Quick Ship's Metal Shop

• On-Site Accushear & Accupress cuts smoother, cleaner edges accurate to .0312", in lengths up to 96" with brake and pan brake that bend and shape sheet metals from light to heavy guage

• Steel, Copper and Brass Backsplashes custom cut to size

• Custom Cuts of Raw Steel Channel, Angle, Tube and Rod in custom cut lengths


Water Jet

By using a Water Jet Cutter, QuickShip metal crafters are able preform highly-concise intricate cuts in copper, brass, aluminum or steel. Combined with software and 3-D machining heads, shapes from more complicated can be produced as shown steel cutout of the US Marine Corp emblem.

Better still, Quick Ship offers fast turnaround for this custom service.


Powder Coating

This process uses a non-liquid application that enables us to apply a thicker more-even surface to standard brushed and decorative sheet metals for a durable, attractive and long-lasting finish. And because the powder is mixed and applied on site, we can offer you a limitless paint shop of colors to create an exact match for projects.

Better still, since no liquid pollutes the air, the amount of volatile organic coumpounds are practically eliminated. Another environmental benefit results from the use of the scyfi-like spray gun, as any remaining over-spray falls to the ground in a recyclable powder.


Custom Engraving

For a unique touch, especially popular with Quick Ship's Copper Diffuser Plates, custom engraving is another service offed by our metal shop craftsmen.


Custom Metal Crafting

The metal crafters in and around Athens, Tennessee are world renowned, originating from generations of metal workers whom labored at foundries and metal shops that pre-date the War Between the States. If you desire any kind of copper, brass or stainless keepsake, or wish to give a special gift, don't hesitate, give Quick Ship a call!





If you are in need of a custom order or have any questions about custom services available at Quick Ship Metals, please call us at 888-334-2177 (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm EST).

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