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Available in numerours widths, lengths and thickness, so you can choose the copper foil that's perfectfor your project.

Metal Coils in Custom Dimensions

Metal Coils now sold through special custom order - in Copper, Stainless and Aluminum.
Lengths range from 10' to 10,000.' Thickness from .010" to .125."
Sold in widths from .250" to 24."

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Copper Foli Used for RF-EMI Shielded Room

An excellent conductor of electricty , Copper Foil is a preferred material used in RF-EMI Shielded (or Faraday) enclosures, like MRI rooms.


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Copper Foil Tape Sold in Rools

Copper Foil Tape
with Conductive Adhesive
2.6 mil Thick

Copper foil RF-EMI shielding tape is the most economical time-saving way to seam copper, aluminum and stainless steel foils.

Not only does its aggressive conductive adhesive create a superior bond, PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) copper foil tape ensures that every foil sheet or panel is 100% sealed.

• Dead-soft 1-ounce copper foil backing (can be soldered)
• Resists discoloring & oxidation
• Conductive press-and-stick acrylic adhesive
• Easy peel-off liner for accurate taping and cutting

Sold in 18-yard-long rolls, in widths from 1/2” to 2”

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Product Description :
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Copper Foil Tape .001" Thick x .50" Wide
Adhesive-Backed Copper Foil Tape .010" Thick - 1/2" Wide x 18 Feet Long Roll - Alloy C110 Soft Temper. - S-010-01-05-18
Stainless Steel
Copper Foil Tape .001" Thick x .75" Wide
Adhesive-Backed Copper Foil Tape .010" Thick - 3/4" Wide x 18 Feet Long Roll - Alloy C110 Soft Temper. - S-010-01-075-18
Stainless Steel
Copper Foil Tape .001" Thick x 1.00" Wide
Adhesive-Backed Copper Foil Tape .010" Thick - 1.00" Wide x 18 Feet Long Roll - Alloy C110 Soft Temper. - S-010-01-100-18

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RF-EMI Shielding Effectiveness
Many factors determine the effectiveness of shielding tape, including type and thickness of foil, type of adhesive, smooth adhesive surface contact free of dirt, as well as the strength and frequency of RF and EMI signals, etc.

By using standard tests and fixtures, copper foil tape sold at RF-EMI-Shielding.com is determined to have an attenuation in the range of 60-80dB (30 Mhz to 1 Ghz). Resistivity is 0.005 Ohms/square inch.

Physical Properties of Copper Foil Tape

Testing results based on ASTM D 1000 & MIL-STD-202 - Method 3 07 maintained @ 5 psi (3,4 N/cm2) measured over 1 sq. inch surface area.


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Copper Foil Sample Pack
Only $21.99
Copper Foil Sample Pack
QuickShipMetals offers this set of 3" x 3 " copper foils featuring in every thickness that we sell online.
Cutting Copper Foil with Scissors

.001" Copper - Tears with fingers, cuts with scissors, often used in scrap booking or other paper-thin crafts.

.003" Copper - Doesn't tear with fingers, cuts with scissors, shapes by hand.

.005" Copper - Cuts with scissors, shapes by hand, retains shape but with some malleability - an excellent grade for tooling because of its pliability. Indents with a light touch but it will not hold shape if pressure is applied.

.010" Copper - Cuts with scissors, shapes by hand, makes 90º bends by hand, retains shape well.

.016" and .020" - Need metal snips to cut, can be bent by hand, though 90º bends by hand are difficult.

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