Kitchen Backsplash Ideas:
Those Old Tile Backsplashes Can Come Alive With Stainless Steel or Copper?

Patterns and presentation are what make a kitchen backsplash an eye catcher or something that drifts into the background. Take a look at the examples above for kitchen backsplash ideas and you will see that there are endless choices for you to make.

  Kitchen Backsplash

Kitchen Stove Grease Backsplash

These are usually 30" wide piece of sheet metal by the height from the vent hood to below the back of your stove.
< Click here > to see the
precut & hemmed Stove backsplashes.


Full Kitchen Backsplash

These backsplashes are usually 18" in height by the full length of you cabinets. < click here > to see the precut sizes of both Decorative, Brushed Stainless Steel backsplashes.


These are just a few of the choices of Decorative Sheet Metal to choose from. Follow this link to see all we have to offer.

Kitchen Backsplashes
Kitchen Backsplashes
Kitchen Backsplashes

Bright Quilt

Bright Satin

Bright Hammered

Kitchen Backsplashes
Kitchen Backsplashes
Kitchen Backsplashes

Hammered Copper - CT

Hammered Copper - NY

Hammered Copper - VA

Stainless Steel & Brass   Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash

Other Ideas!

Copper Luminaries Foil cut outs Copper Inlays