Want something unique in your restuarant or wet bar?

Copper Bar Tops:
A local pub or basement tavern can’t be complete without a one-of-a-kind bar top. Copper, brass, stainless steel, or a textured surface will transform a watering hole into a genuine hangout. Don’t forget your sealer or protectant to keep that shine!

Looking for a unique way to add atmosphere to your restaurant? Consider adding copper sheet or textured copper sheet to your tables. It is an inexpensive means of creating ambiance and style. Or use stainless steel for a commercial franchise or sleek diner appearance.  Don’t want to cover the whole table? Try it just on the legs of the table, or even the backs of chairs for a quick interior designer touch, all at half the expense.

Copper Plate with Bright Quilt wainscot.
Hammered Copper under laquer with Oak Trim
Hammered Copper with Oak Trim cover with laquer.
Beautiful Dark Trim with Hammered Copper with a laquer top.



Other Ideas!

Copper Back Lighting Display Niche Beautiful Stainless Kitchen Backsplash